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Reunion 2018 - Class of 1973

Participation Drive
75 Donors
Towards goal of 103 Donors
$61,123.00 Raised
Project has ended
Project ended on May 18, at 02:00 PM EDT
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Reunion 2018 - Class of 1973

Welcome to the Class of 1973 Reunion Giving Page!

Reunion represents a time to reminisce, reflect and reconnect with your Spelman sisters. We are excited to share in this momentous occasion with alumnae from the Class of 1973.

Reunion giving is an important part of commemorating the anniversary of your graduation from Spelman. We encourage you to show your Forever Spelman spirit through participation in the Every Woman...Every Year! Campaign. Be a part of your class legacy by making a gift to the Spelman Annual Fund.

Your gift will touch nearly every aspect of life at Spelman College. So, make a choice to change the world and give today!

If you have any questions about your Reunion Giving or wish to make a multi-year pledge, please contact: Nelson Thomas, Assistant Director of Annual Giving. Phone: (404) 270-5067 | Email:


*The number of donors listed on this page is subject to change. Please note that if you are already included in the donor count prior to your new gift, your additional gifts will not add a “new donor” for the class. Your gift amount will be added to the class gift total for C’73. We truly appreciate your support of Spelman and multiple gifts are much appreciated and encouraged. Reunion giving totals and the donor wall are updated on a weekly basis [next update on May 9,2018].


FY 2018 Donor Wall


Ms. Aisha Abdullah, C'73

Mrs. Linda Johnson Anderson, C'73

Mrs. JoAnne Beasley, C'73

Mrs. Kathleen Jackson Bertrand, C'73

Dr. Jacqueline Rushin Blackwell, C'73

Mrs. Shirlene Evans Bridgewater, C'73

Mrs. Karen Billings Brinkley, C'73

Ms. Peggy Sims Brown, C'73

Mrs. Robin Cobb Bryant, C'73

Ms. Denise Burse-Fernandez, C'73

Ms. Anna B. Cohen, C'73

Mrs. Betty J. Echols Coleman, C'73

Ms. Henrietta Juanita Coursey, C'73

Mrs. Rita Love Culver, C'73

Ms. Carol Marie Daniels, C'73

Mrs. Ardra Lavern Davis, C'73

Ms. Nadine Laverne Dobbins, C'73

Dr. Karen Denise Edwards, C'73

Ms. Dale Marie Evans, C'73

Dr. Gwendolyn Harris Everett, C'73

Mrs. Linda C. Felton, C'73

Dr. Virginia Davis Floyd, C'73

Mrs. Deborah Forbe-Robertson, C'73

Mrs. Mary Glenn Forbes, C'73

Ms. Wyndolyn Delores Fuqua, C'73

Mrs. Rita B. Gibson, C'73

Ms. Jeanissa Joanne Ginn, C'73

Ms. Lynette M. Golden, C'73

Mrs. Harriet Pritchett Grigsby, C'73

Dr. Pamela Gunter-Smith, C'73

Ms. Marna A. Hale, C'73

Mrs. Harriett Miller Halmon, C'73

Mrs. Veronica Wells Haven, C'73

Mrs. Ida Muse Henderson, C'73

Mrs. Lillian Cain Hill, C'73

Ms. Michele Clark Holmes, C'73

Mrs. Jacqueline  Hurd-Daniels, C'73

Mrs. Dorothy Thompson Ingram, C'73

Mrs. Ann Simmons Isaac, C'73

Ms. Darnell Lenese Ivory, C'73

Ms. Anne Brunette Jackson, C'73

Dr. Fleda Mask Jackson, C'73

Mrs. Nancy C. Jackson-Sims, C'73

Atty. Louise Jackson-Williams, C'73

Mrs. Mary Lewis Johnson, C'73

Mrs. Deborah Beavers Jones, C'73

Ms. Karen  Lambeth-White, C'73

Mrs. Cynthia Patterson Lewis, C'73

Mrs. Audrey Chisolm Magee, C'73

Mrs. Mona Norrell Mallory, C'73

Mrs. Marilyn Singleton McCain, C'73

Delores LaRheine McCollum, C'73

Mrs. Janet McCall Milton, C'73

Ms. Regina K.M. Muhammad, C'73

Mrs. Donna Smith Palms, C'73

Mrs. Edith Bennett Pitts, C'73

Mrs. Shirley Curry Porter, C'73

Mrs. Cheryl Ransaw, C'73

Ms. Janet E. Ransom, C'73

Ms. Audrey C. Richards, C'73

Ms. Emmie Denise Roberts, C'73

Ms. Regenia Robinson, C'73

Ms. Alma Wyden Simmons, C'73

Mrs. Marcia Dopson Tate, C'73

Mrs. Stephanie Adkins Tate, C'73

Ms. V. Alfisha Valentine-Haynes, C'73

Ms. Charlene Elizabeth Watkins, C'73

Dr. Myrna Jean Williams, C'73

Mrs. Deborah Hunt Woods, C'73

Ms. Linda W. Young, C'73